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Emsculpt in Mumbai a treatment or procedure which reduces fats and increases muscles in the targeted area.

People spend hours in the gym to develop muscles and abs, but Emsculpt is for those who are unable to lose weight and add muscle. It has the least side effects.


Emsculpt in Mumbai .The four areas are covered under the Emsculpt Treatment. Buttocks , Lower Legs, Arms, and Abdomen. 4-5 sessions of Emsculpt treatment in a span of 2 weeks; the session lasts for 30 minutes.

The consumer can opt for more sessions if they want. In three months, up to 23% of results can be seen.

  1. Buttocks – The Emsculpt is an effective treatment to lift/build up the muscles of the butt.
  2. Lower Legs – Emsculpt is a small device approved by FDA to tone and strengthen the lower legs.
  3. Arms – The sagging skin around the arms is not quite a look but through Emsculpt you can have thin arms.
  4. Abdomen – Trimmed abdomen takes time, but this non-invasive treatment can give you those chiseled abdomen.


For Emsculpt treatment, a machine is used and placed over the targeted area.  assure the quality of apparatus, doctors, staff, and hygiene.

While at the Emsculpt session, you may not feel any pain, but you may feel uncomfortable. You will be feeling the vibration in the targeted areas.

The treatment focuses on toning and building muscle. It gets rid of stubborn fat and leaves strong muscles.

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